Revel M126Be

Revel M126Be -  Audioholics Product of the Year

ARCAM announces the latest version of its MusicLife app

The custom-built app, available on Android and iOS platforms, enables integrated control of music streaming services

TIDAL Connect

Electrocompaniet software update Introducing the TIDAL Connect integration.

We are happy to announce that we have updated our range of network audio streamers, speakers, and integrated amplifiers to include the latest TIDAL Connect technology.

With TIDAL Connect, you can control music playback on Electrocompaniet streaming products directly by using the TIDAL iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows app.

TIDAL Connect support is available on Electrocompaniet’s line-up of streamers and integrated amplifiers that use the EC Software Engine streaming platform.

This also includes selected legacy products in the EC Living Line and Classic Line.

PRE32 and A34.2 Design Briefs are now available

*Dear Primare Distributor*

To accompany the launch of our new 30 series pre-power system of PRE32 and A34.2, we're rolling out the usual sales support campaign. First in line are the Design Briefs. You may have seen the links if you follow us on Facebook. If you haven't, please find them attached. They're also on the website in the relevant product sections. To follow, we're working on a six-page flyer for this system, which will be available as soon as possible.

*With best wishes*


The PRE32 is an upgradable audiophile pre-amplifier designed to match the Primare A34.2 and all Primare power amplifiers. It features the comprehensive OLED display and control parameters established by the EISA award-winning I32 integrated amplifier. The PRE32 is housed in a heavy gauge alloy steel chassis, and incorporates two pairs (L/R) of low-noise balanced XLR inputs and 4 pairs of RCA inputs. In addition there are two pairs of RCA outputs and a single pair of balanced XLR outputs, as well as a record output, RS232, trigger, IR and RF inputs. The option of an upgrade board offering MEDIA/streaming connections such as USB, iPod, LAN etc., is provided.

A34.2 Design Briefs 

A slimline new amplification system option featuring the new PRE32 pre-amp and A34.2 power amp will be available before the Christmas break. Think of the EISA award-winning I32 and imagine more power, even lower distortion and greater audio separation from a system that absolutely demands attention. Please find brief intros in the relevant product sections.


Electrocompaniet launches new Multiplayer EMP 2

This month Electrocompaniet is launching a new multiplayer in our Classic line, the EMP 2 is a fully fledged and versatile player with support for all modern audio and video formats and media.

 Included Blu-ray in 2D and 3D, CD, SACD, DVD and DVD Audio...

Primare CD32/I32 was voted as the best 2-channel music system in Europe!

Europe voted the system Primare CD32/I32 as the best one.

Award EISA (European Association of magazines on audio and video equipment) represent  the collective opinion of 50 leading European specialist of  AV-journals.
After considering all possible alternatives, the members of the world's largest AV-industry of independent jury recognized CD32/I32 system as best combination of characteristics, versatility, design, convenience and value.

This is not a decision of a single magazine or even a nation. The most reliable, reasoned and democratic verdict is guaranteed by professional experience of the entire European continent.

Primare BD32 Blu Ray Player

Primare BD32 Blu Ray player is a high end blu-ray player from Primare, designed to match their AV components for an integrated, realistic movie experience - available in black or titanium. In addition to blu-ray, this universal model will play CD, SACD, DVD and DVD-Audio discs.

The player is 3D compatible, with standard RCA and XLR outputs, coaxial and optical digital outputs, dual HDMI outputs, an OLED display and streaming capabilities.

IsoTek, leaders in specialist power conditioning solutions.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine run the review in their 'Collection' edition which celebrates the world’s finest Hi-Fi.

Jimmy Huges the reviewer goes on to say: "We'd say IsoTek's Super Titan will improve the sound of any hi-fi system it's used with. It will allow you to hear exactly how your equipment is performing. Moreover, the improved clarity and separation will allow you to fine-tune your hi-fi system as  never before."

To read the complete review please click on

*A Bit about Hi-Fi Choice*
One of the UK’s leading audio magazines since 1975, Hi-Fi Choice aims to  provide the essential guide to audio excellence in the home, delivering  no-nonsense reviews of the world’s finest hi-fi products with fresh,  modern page design and a well-judged balance of depth and clarity. Product group tests sit alongside solo reviews, news, industry comment  and analysis, added to by authoritative advice sections and a  comprehensive buying guide listing all the magazine’s favourite products.