The Italian company which is letting out acoustic systems of a high class, began as collective of the enthusiasts rallied around of one person. Ex Серблин - the master, the artist, the designer, the cabinetmaker, the inveterate fan of music. From the God allocated such quantity of talents, it has chosen designing and manufacture of acoustic systems as an affair of life. Already his earliest development have drawn steadfast attention of experts and judges of a good sound. Many of early models, becoming now classics in the world hi-fi, have served as a starting point for designing modern products.

Being a magnificent sample of how it is necessary to build an audio equipment, company Sonus Faber pays the big attention development of new models. The company let out long time only the EXPERT for a stereo. However in 2000 there is a series "Home", intended for systems of a domestic cinema, and in 2002 - a series "Cremona". Occurrence of these series collective Sonus Faber has set a new degree of quality already for film-theatrical systems. In a basis of success of the company three basic components lay: high quality of a sound of acoustic systems, magnificent appearance and own unique character of sounding inherent only in products of the Italian masters. As an example for imitation Italians have chosen the well-known fellow countrymen  masters of the past. Separate operations are borrowed from process of manufacturing of musical instruments. A compounding of varnishes and glues, use of wood of valuable breeds, the special form of a lute at the case of the senior models - all this components of a magnificent pure sound not simply the EXPERT, but the tool for reproduction of music.