Maintaining a healthy environment for your audio or home theatre system is essential. IsoTek® products guarantee to provide each component in your audio or home theatre system with a pure power supply, ensuring that you achieve the best possible performance. Whether your budget is large or small, at each given price point there is an ideal IsoTek® power conditioner to suit your needs. The quality of IsoTek® products is endorsed by numerous magazine reviews and awards, not only in the UK but also throughout Europe, America and the Far East.

The ownership of an IsoTek® product ensures the very latest technological breakthroughs. Innovative proprietary technologies like Polaris-X©, which acts as a non-release pressure valve for mains noise, thereby dramatically reducing component cross-contamination, feature in every IsoTek® design. Other IsoTek® innovations like Direct Coupled Design©, Adaptive Gating©, Inductive Resistance Gate©, K.E.R.P.© and Triple Resonant System© ensure class-leading performance. These advanced features are unique to IsoTek® power conditioners.

All IsoTek® products are professionally designed, manufactured and hand-built using the finest audiophile-grade components in the UK. These exacting standards ensure ultimate performance and reliability. Our standard customer guarantee scheme also offers a lifetime of service and dependability.