German firm Avantgarde Acoustic is located in small cosy small town Rejkhenbakh on border of the grounds Giessen and Baden-Вюртенберг. The peace rural landscape and the wonderful nature of southern Germany adjust(set up) more likely on idyllic, than on avangardistsky lad. However here one of the most unusual acoustic systems are made. The keen and very pleasant person in dialogue — Mr. Kholge Fromm supervises over firm.

Having begun as the usual hobby, designing of acoustic systems quickly pereroslo in need(requirement), and then became a trade. In process of accumulation of experience the understanding of has come also that the desirable sound can be received only owing to rupornoj to system.
Giving a tribute to the masters stood at sources rupornogo of a sound, in Avantgarde Acoustic did not begin to copy the classical scheme(plan) rupornykh the EXPERT, and have developed own.
In a basis of the concept of firm the development created for long years of search have laid down. As a result these acoustic systems have united modern rupornye technologies, futuristic design and innovative skhemotekhnicheskie decisions.

In Kholge Fromm's opinion, one of the major advantages of a megaphone — speed and dynamics(changes), therefore since 2003 Avantgarde Acoustic makes also own amplifier developed specially for rupornykh of systems. It is necessary to mention and the fastest in the world (!) rupornyj a subwoofer made by firm. Development of design almost all production occurs(happens) in common to experts of firm Porsche. Having seen acoustic systems Avantgarde Acoustic, you cannot indifferently pass by, and having heard even times their sounding, you cannot forget it(him).